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Tricia Youngs,
Mental Health Counseling 
        Helping You to Learn and Grow Through Life's Challenges
At times a person finds themself in a chapter of life that is difficult. 

It can be helpful to have an objective and trained person help you navigate the challenge.

Tricia truly believes in the resilience of the human spirit to grow through life’s challenges.  She has had the privilege and honor to help individuals grow through numerous chapters of thier lives.  Her advanced training is in PTSD treatment, treatment of relationship problems, codependence, substance abuse, love addiction, depression and anxiety as well as the integration of spirituality, mindfulness and meditation in mental health.  She is a member of The Healing Trauma Network,, a group of clinical specialists who have been trained by Pia Mellody from The Meadows in Arizona in the treatment of codependence, love addiction, relational trauma and substance abuse. 

By specializing in treating the root cause of symptoms rather than symptom management, Tricia has helped individuals conquer their demons and find their joy.  When the root cause is treated the symptoms dissipate and substance abuse, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and flashbacks decrease.

Tricia has worked in  mental health counseling since 1998 where she began her trauma training working with rape and sexual abuse survivors and their families at the Sexual Assault Treatment Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  She is a Qualified Supervisor for Florida Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns and is dedicated to equipping the next generation of therapists with skills to create healing.   
As the  owner and creator of Reflections For Healing, She has written, recorded and produced a line of relaxation, affirmation, meditation and guided imagery recordings to help individuals dealing with  stress, insomnia, PTSD, damaged self esteem, anxiety and depression and sleep disorders.  These recordings help increase mindfulness and emotional regulation. 

Tricia is well equipped to work with you to help you navigate through the chapter of life you find yourself in.  She offers individual, group and "The Path to Healing" intensive therapy workshops to meet your personal needs.  She is available for corporate trainings and public speaking engagements. 

Office is located in Boca Raton, FL

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